Sizzling Chorizo & Organic Egg Scramble

Indulge in our Sizzling Chorizo & Organic Egg Scramble, a savory and satisfying breakfast option that will leave you energized and ready to take on the day. Made with organic free-range eggs and antibiotic and hormone-free 90% lean ground turkey, this scramble is packed with high-quality protein to fuel your body.

The addition of sweet potatoes provides complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, while the salsa adds a burst of flavor with its blend of tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, and garlic. The chorizo blend, made with chipotle peppers, ancho chili powder, and other spices, adds a smoky and spicy kick to the dish.

This breakfast is the perfect choice for those looking for a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that will keep them satisfied and fueled throughout the morning.

Ingredients: Organic Free-Range Eggs, Antibiotic & Hormone-Free 90% Lean Ground Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Salsa (Tomatoes, Water, Jalapeno Peppers, Tomato Paste, Onions, Garlic, Salt), Onions, Tomatoes, Chorizo Blend (Chipotle Peppers in Adobo, Ancho Chili Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Oregano, Garlic, Coriander, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, White Vinegar, Sea Salt), Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion



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